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Sole Purpose of starting wedding stubby holders  is to cater brides and grooms and their loved one who like to drink in style.

stubby holder made by us are not you average stubby holders.

Premium quality material is used and stubby holders are made right here in Australia.

Stubby Holders are cut ,designed ,printed and are made in-house to ensure quality at its very Best.

We do not have competition with other venders ,at wedding stubby holders ,because first of all we do not lie or misguide our customers and all our prices are inclusive final price for the finished product. if there is any additional cost we will make sure that the customer knows if before proceeding  with the final order.

Secondly, we wont ditch you last minute, delivery  before or on time is our specialty .We will make sure you get your order on time .Even if it is last minute order.

Design are made with love and dedication, some people may think that the design for stubby holders is not that important , but we think no such thing and even though we have free design gallery with a lot of design to choose from. We do not hesitate to make a brand new design to cater your requirement .

We do not have any minimum quantity for the order , all orders -Big or small are made with same love and dedication.

Our Real time customer care and Design help is always available. Call us from 9-6 Monday-Saturday or we are available 24/7 via email.